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February 14, 2020
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What Should You Engrave On Plastic Tags?

Engraving Nation Engraved Plates

You should engrave any custom image or text you want permanently displayed on plastic tags. Unlike other signs, name plates, or labels made from other materials, engraved plastic tags remain readable over time, because they’re ENGRAVED! When a laser head engraves plastic, it’s heating the material on the top in a designated pattern to reveal the color underneath. This leaves you with a permanent inscription engraved to plastic. The material is so specialized to the laser that it does not change in extreme temperatures, climates, environments, and near elements like electricity.

Plastic tags are used for all different things, from engraved plastic electrical panel labels, equipment tags, phenolic labels, to even wall plaques! The plastic we use works well in various environments and purposes. Even though these signs are SMALL, you can put BIG ideas on them! Engraved plastic tags have been used in so many creative projects that we can’t stress this enough!!


Customize Your World One Engraving At A Time

There are so many labels that need to be engraved! We hear all the time how their plastic name plates made a difference while buying more! Over our 20 years we’ve created MANY engraved plates to suit many different purposes. Especially since our start online in 2016, we’ve only expanded to work with many local customers from all walks of life.

Some of the requests we’ve custom engraved throughout the years…

  • Office signs for door name plates, desks, walls, cubicles, and more.
  • Safety signs, engraved phenolic labels, or metal asset tags for equipment. Our customers order engraved plastic equipment tags for manufacturing, work site or warehouse management, medical laboratories, or office buildings.
  • Wall plaques for sports team logos, memorial, commemoration, and awards. Available in brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, genuine wood, gold or silver plated plastic, and acrylic.
  • Laser engraved acrylic trophies, awards, or signs for sports, sports sponsorship, appreciation plaques, or employee recognition.
  • Plastic signs for phone, name, or business directories. Customers have also engraved directional arrows on plates to emphasize location and placement of rooms (such as restrooms).
  • Engraved plastic electrical panel labels, ID tags for electrical wiring, valves, plumbing fixtures, or other manufacturing equipment.
  • Custom engraved plastic signs for outdoor house numbers, mailboxes, apartments, and businesses.
  • Creative tags, such as vanity name tags, novelty phrases, and double sided “pull here” tags.
  • And many, many, many more….

The best part is that your customization options are nearly endless. With over a thousand colors, textures, and finishes, you’ll definitely find what you need to match your branding, or define your style. The way you mount the plate can be customized as well as the edges. If you need a tag with rounded corners, screws, and self adhesive, it’s possible! No combination is off the table. You aren’t limited to simple design choices either, go crazy and make it your own! You’ll definitely be able to create what you need. Bring your project to the next level with a custom engraving that says it all!


Look Around! Where Is An Engraved Plastic Label Needed In Your World?

Is the space on your shirt or the front of your desk missing your name? Don’t underestimate the power name plates have on first impressions! The value of a name plate cannot be overstated! A name plate is a teamplayer in initiating conversation with a prospect. At around $4 per plate, don’t hold back from the value you gain by closing that sale, networking, and succeeding!

Are you constantly frustrated by the (lack of) delivery guy when you order pizza, or even Amazon Prime? Take a look at your door. Is your house number fading, falling apart, or covered by something else? We have custom engraved plastic plates for outdoor that come in hundreds of color possibilities and are very durable. Save yourself the frustration of misplaced packages and get food delivered faster with the help of an engraved house plate at less the price of a case of bottled water!

Maybe you want a bit more flair on a your keychain with custom shapes personalized by you? We can laser cut plastic to create any shape for various hobbies and interests. In addition to keychains, we can make pet tags and custom charms! Holes can be laser cut to any size and let us know if you need a chain, ribbon, or string to hang them with.


Is There Anything You Shouldn’t Engrave on Plastic?

Not really. Since laser engraving plastic is chemically engineered to be properly displaced lasers, its versatility and durability is vast. Engravable plastic is industrial grade and thoroughly tested to withstand extreme temperatures and environments. The only potential harm engraving plates can have is if you place engraved metal tags near electrical wires. As most metal plate are conductive to electricity, a metal tag reacting to electric can cause a misfire or machine malfunction, which can start a fire and hurt someone! This is even more so of the reason why we recommend ordering plastic tags, especially if the plate will be near live electrical wires. In any other scenario, if you see a metal engraved sign (e.g. aluminum, bronze, brass), it’s probably engraved that way for appearance.

Bronze, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and copper are usually picked for their appearance. Custom brass, copper, and bronze plates look great on trophies and plaques, while aluminum complements industrial machinery and wall plaques nicely. Likewise, stainless steel looks great on appreciation plaques and employee recognition awards.

As well as laser engraved plastic, metallic materials can be laser cut into different shapes for different reasons. If you think it can be done, it probably can be. So now you know, what will you engrave next?


Have an idea in mind? Engraving Nation is a five star laser engraving company dedicated to bringing high quality laser engraved products to customers all over the world at reasonable prices. We’re here Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5 PM and are excited for the opportunity to hear more about your project. If you’re ready to take your project to the next level, let’s talk! We make ordering laser engraved products and gifts so easy, try us!

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