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February 14, 2020
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How Custom Signs Can Help Beyond Crisis

It’s true that custom engraved signs to “wipe down gym equipment”, “cover your cough”, “hand sanitizer here”, “shoes off”, and especially a “please wash your hands sign” contribute to a clean, healthy workplace. During the typical flu season and especially during the current coronavirus outbreak, we want to do all we can to stay healthy and spread facts, not misinformation. Therefore, we should all be informed of how germs spread, and remind others about procedures during this public health crisis.


What are Germs?

Germs are viruses, fungi, and bacteria. They have DNA and are living organisms just like animals and plants. Just like animals and plants, there are good (non-predatory) animals, and good (non-toxic) plants. The issue is you can’t tell which germs are good by the naked eye, so you would never know if you come in contact with bad germs near you. This is part of the problem with the spread of the new coronavirus germ.


How do Germs Spread?

Germs like the coronavirus spread through from the air or from coming into physical contact with an infected surface. The coronavirus, for example, has the ability to travel through the air up to 4.5 metres! And it’s thought to live on surfaces for days, unbeknownst to most victims. That is why proper sanitization procedures such as washing your hands are becoming more of a concern.


What Can Be Done To Minimize the Exposure of Germs?

You can do a lot to halt the spread of germs by taking the precautions advised by the CDC. Even if you are generally familiar with these cleanliness tips, it’s still important to be familiar with all precautions. Be as vigilant and informed as possible.

The CDC advises to limit the exposure to germs by:

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with tissues that are immediately thrown away
  • Avoiding close contact with those who are sick
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Stay home when you’re sick
  • Clean your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

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Is a “Please Wash Your Hands” Sign Important?

A “please wash your hands” sign brings attention to a public health procedure everyone should be following, regardless of the coronavirus outbreak. 92% of Americans agree that hand washing is important, though only 62% actually wash their hands. If people are simply “forgetting” to wash their hands, signage would be a simple solution.

Think about how often you pass by something without bringing your attention to it. If you look at a faucet and see a “please wash your hands” sign, you’re reminded to take 20 seconds to wash your hands. It’s the same concept around the Purell wall dispenser. A hand sanitizer sign will bring attention to disinfecting the most overused part of our bodies: our hands! And if the labelling is rubbed off or your dispenser is blank, you should definitely have a hand sanitizer sign above it!

Hand washing signs make up such important precautions that they’re considered mandatory in some states. Even if you aren’t mandated to carry the signage, you should be aware of the outreach it has. And if you’re displaying it in your public bathroom, your customers will appreciate your consciousness for cleanliness.


What should a hand washing sign say?

A mandated hand washing sign usually says something on the lines of “employees must wash their hands before returning to work”, but everybody should be washing their hands. So if you’re not mandated to say one thing, you could generalize with a sign that says “please wash your hands”.

Some businesses are taking sanitation signs a step further on a larger space to explain more detailed procedures for washing hands. You can show graphics with detailed instructions on hand washing using lukewarm water, plenty of soap, and scrubbing the hands vigorously for 20 seconds at a time. You can also have a sign to suggest the best times to wash your hands.


When should I wash my hands?

The FDA recommends washing your hands anytime you’re about to prepare, eat, or are near food. You should also be washing your hands after you use the bathroom, any time you’re exposed to a sneeze or cough, or after caring and working with animals. And just because you cleaned the dishes doesn’t mean your hands are clean too. You should also be cleaning your hands with soap and water to rinse contaminated water as well. There are so many different recommended times to wash your hands that many tend to forget. That makes precautionary signage more important than ever.

There’s a reason why these signs are mandated to exist all year round! Do your diligence to ensure all your bases are covered. Label everything properly so your guests are reminded and armed to sanitize with everything they need.


Do “Cover Your Cough” and Other Signs Help?

It really all depends on where you need them displayed. “Cover your cough” signs can really help in office lobbies, especially medical offices. Do you have a gym or an area where you train? Then you should most definitely have “wipe down gym equipment” signs!

Shoes are known to track dirt and germs into houses, but protect customers in public places. If you’re labeling your house and want to be prepared beyond hand washing and hand sanitizer signs, you can have signs that say “please take your shoes off”. A sign like that is a blessing in disguise for homemakers. A “shoes off” sign helps beyond preventing the spread of germs but also keeps busy homemakers from cleaning up extra messes during times of crisis.


Sanitation Signs Help Beyond Times of Crisis

Your spaces should be appropriately labelled all the time, especially if it provides the public a more accessible way to sanitize and prevent disease. An appropriate label also means that it doesn’t fade or deteriorate from the elements. It should also be affixed at all times permanently, no matter the season or sanitation crisis.

Remember, engraving a sign is permanent. The letters do not fade or smear when wet–an important consideration if your sign is by the bathroom sink. Sure, it’s easy to print out a poster with hand washing instructions, or a piece of paper that acts as a sign, but taping it to a wall is temporary. Consider having your sign professionally engraved.

Engraving Nation is a laser engraving company with over 20 years experience engraving signs for various purposes. We’re here to help you, not only during times of crisis, but every day of the year. Order custom signs to promote the safety and well-being of public health all throughout the year.

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